My forum naming prize!

Sick Melvin, #006 and Fox brought to you by Rik, aka Tinkerbell on the forum : ) To register for the forum, please send me an email and I will sign you up! We’re a tiny group, but we’re fun, and we welcome fresh blood  ; )

Santa Melvin, by Rik

Fanart by my buddy Rik, aka Tink, aka Tinkerbell, who is a writer and also a cool guy. He has a blog. All the cool guys do. He’s also on my forum. All the cool guys are. If you didn’t know, Melvin was the sea turtle in Fainting Spells. He first appears on this page […]

Fanart by Mattaya

More fanart by Mattaya. A miniature version of Aude riding a turtle, as she does in a scene that begins here. The turtle’s name is Melvin, by the way.