The real next page (Gunnerkrigg)

There’s a fun tradition that I’m trying to revive on the forum. It’s a game called The real next page. The idea is to pick any webcomic and draw the next page before it comes out. I’m a big fan of Gunnerkrigg Court, so here is what I drew in reponse to this page : […]

Fanart by Stephen Southworth

This lovely picture of 006 was drawn by my friend Stephen (TRI on the forum). His comic Sharing a Universe is funny and cute-in-a-non-sickening way, you should check it out : )

Fanart by Alice Fox

This pretty little thing was drawn by the amazing Alice Fox of Two Rooks. I wish I could manipulate shadows as well as she does!

Fan art by Gothica Elivani

My first human Fox fanart! He’s my favorite character <3

Funny fanart by Stephen Southworth

A funny birthday present from my buddy Stephen (TRI) of Sharing a Universe.

Fanart by Koikitten

Petuni on a petunia. A cool idea by Koikitten, who somehow always understands where I’m going with this story <3

Fanart by Mattaya

Mattaya’s take on Aude’s dual nature.

My forum naming prize!

Sick Melvin, #006 and Fox brought to you by Rik, aka Tinkerbell on the forum : ) To register for the forum, please send me an email and I will sign you up! We’re a tiny group, but we’re fun, and we welcome fresh blood  ; )