A long overdue smile

When Fainting Spells stopped, Aude was losing her mind in the tower of guilt, which was rapidly crumbling. I kinda feel like I’m torturing her every day that I’m not pulling her out of there. I never really got the chance to draw her happy. Like Annie in Gunnerkrigg Court, she’s supposed to be the […]

Where did my comics go?

I’m looking for a good website to hold my webcomic archives. I don’t have the patience to upload each page here with the proper dates, comments, and custom navigation. I was thinking of moving the archives to mangamagazine, but I’ve been a little thrown off by their rebranding as inkblazers and now it seems they’re […]

Fanart by Stephen Southworth

This lovely picture of 006 was drawn by my friend Stephen (TRI on the forum). His comic Sharing a Universe is funny and cute-in-a-non-sickening way, you should check it out : )

Fanart by Alice Fox

This pretty little thing was drawn by the amazing Alice Fox of Two Rooks. I wish I could manipulate shadows as well as she does!

Fan art by Gothica Elivani

My first human Fox fanart! He’s my favorite character <3

Funny fanart by Stephen Southworth

A funny birthday present from my buddy Stephen (TRI) of Sharing a Universe.

Gift art by Mattaya

A sketch of the japanese garden at the Montreal botanical garden (check it out if you’re ever in the area), drawn by Mattaya. It will show up later in the story as the Garden of Reason.

Fanart by Koikitten

Petuni on a petunia. A cool idea by Koikitten, who somehow always understands where I’m going with this story <3