A long overdue smile

When Fainting Spells stopped, Aude was losing her mind in the tower of guilt, which was rapidly crumbling. I kinda feel like I’m torturing her every day that I’m not pulling her out of there. I never really got the chance to draw her happy. Like Annie in Gunnerkrigg Court, she’s supposed to be the […]

Fanart by Alice Fox

This pretty little thing was drawn by the amazing Alice Fox of Two Rooks. I wish I could manipulate shadows as well as she does!

Funny fanart by Stephen Southworth

A funny birthday present from my buddy Stephen (TRI) of Sharing a Universe.

Fanart by Mattaya

Mattaya’s take on Aude’s dual nature.

Fanart by Mattaya

  More gorgeous fanart by Mattaya. This is Aude as she crosses the Appeal Gate.

Fanart by Mattaya

More fanart by Mattaya. A miniature version of Aude riding a turtle, as she does in a scene that begins here. The turtle’s name is Melvin, by the way.