Something different

Oops, I forgot to post this one. It didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, so I’ll make it a sketchbook entry. I wanted to draw someone who wasn’t model-thin for a change. Since I’m digging through my forgotten art supplies, I thought I’d try chalk on black cardboard… didn’t expect it to be so […]

Daphnia magna

Ever since we had a biology lab on Daphnia magna, I’ve been obsessed with these mini, see-through crustaceans. I have been drawing them all over the place. Here is a labeled version to get you acquainted with these funny little animals.

Chemistry, Space Exploration Edition

As promised, here are some doodles from my Chemistry notes. There were so many of them that I grouped them into themes! I’ll try adding a page a day until I run out. …I hope my teacher doesn’t see this, especially after he wrote me a nice letter of reference (;_;) I can’t just sit […]

Calculus I

My specialty is making you strain your eyes, muahaha! These are bits of my Calculus notes. Let’s see how many silly drawings and/or formulas you can identify : P I was going to make another entry with all my Chemistry doodles, but apparently my notes already left with the recycling. Oops! I tend to doodle […]


Just a quick sketch in Photoshop. My tablet is broken, so I have to draw with the mouse. Yuck. Not sure why I chose to draw a kid eating a bee. Must have had mischief on the mind…

Holy Batcake!

Guess I’m back to my trippy rainbow effects. And cupcake obsession.


Yet another t-shirt design. I’ll be painting a series of them this July, so I’ll try to put some up for sale here (unless they sell out too quick — my entourage really likes shirts).

Turtle (kid’s shirt design)

I guess I failed to mention this before, but I’ve been making shirt designs for a little while now. It took me a while to develop a hand-printing technique that gave good results. It’s a stamp-and-paint method: I stamp the main design structure and then paint in a few accents, this way no two shirts […]