New Redbubble store

Hello! You can’t tell because I haven’t updated the site in ages, but I’ve actually been quite busy! For one, I’ve opened a Redbubble store, where you can buy my artwork on shirts, mugs, pillows, scarves blankets and what have you. Second, I’ve been preparing hand-drawn clothing designs to put on my Etsy shop. This […]

Fainting Spells status update

I’ve actually been spending more time writing than drawing lately. As I mentionned a while back, I had been working on rewriting Fainting Spells as an interactive graphic novel. I wanted the story to have multiple endings. So I got started on a Ren’py version. The programming turned out to be more time-consuming than I […]

Trying out a new theme…

I’m not done messing with it, so please be patient with me! <3

Really scary

Hi kids! And Happy Halloween. Speaking of scary stuff, did you know trying to juggle work, chemistry and calculus will utterly DESTROY your SANITY? Updates are on hold until the end of this ridiculously insane semester! See you in Dismember >:D ~ Biev

August Shmaugust

I don’t have much time to draw this month : S I’m trying to put in as many hours of work as I can before I leave for vacation, and then I get back and school starts. I have a super long to-do list to take care of before this happens. I also haven’t had […]

The Plan

June has been ridiculously busy. I received a lot of surprise orders, mostly for advertising posters and leaflets. Though it counts as graphic work, I prefer not to post them here – this place is reserved for the artsy stuff I actually enjoy doing. Unfortunately I don’t receive enough art requests to give up the […]

It’s alive!

I’m still in the process of setting things up, so you may find the place a bit desolate. There should be more to see in the next few days. Thanks for sticking around! <3, Biev