A long overdue smile

When Fainting Spells stopped, Aude was losing her mind in the tower of guilt, which was rapidly crumbling. I kinda feel like I’m torturing her every day that I’m not pulling her out of there. I never really got the chance to draw her happy. Like Annie in Gunnerkrigg Court, she’s supposed to be the […]

The other love of my life

  This is my baby girl, Shiva. She’s this pretty in real life. Her nose isn’t actually blue, though. I may have gotten a little carried away ^.^;;

Gift of Gab

Around this time last year, my computer died and I had to buy a new one. It came with a much more recent operating system, and my scanner isn’t compatible with it. Since my graphic tablet is broken and I don’t have a very good camera, I had no good way of getting my drawings […]

One more for the corridor

Oil pastels are tricky. The corridor de boules was a success! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures. I’ll try to recreate it in our bedroom soon though – I suspect JD will want his hall back to normal. Expect more updates like these in the coming weeks!

Fun with crayons

One of my boyfriend’s favorite pastimes is saving funny quotes to reuse them later in totally random contexts. A while back, the two of us were sitting on a terrace enjoying one of Montreal’s famous poutines, when some guy who was way too high on drugs to be walking around approached us to discuss his […]

The real next page (Gunnerkrigg)

There’s a fun tradition that I’m trying to revive on the forum. It’s a game called The real next page. The idea is to pick any webcomic and draw the next page before it comes out. I’m a big fan of Gunnerkrigg Court, so here is what I drew in reponse to this page : […]

Breaking all the logo rules

A  client would never let me get away with a logo like that, but I happen to like messy lines and colors, so screw those stupid conventions that make everything boring and bland. This is going on my Etsy store! Goodies coming up in the nearish future. ~ Biev


I’ve been working on this design for my next silk screening project. What am I going to do with it? …It’s a secret ; ) This is pretty much the only thing I’ll have time to work on this month. My schedule is super packed until at least mid-April, but from then on I should […]