Fainting Spells status update

FS game screenshot

I’ve actually been spending more time writing than drawing lately. As I mentionned a while back, I had been working on rewriting Fainting Spells as an interactive graphic novel. I wanted the story to have multiple endings. So I got started on a Ren’py version.

The programming turned out to be more time-consuming than I had hoped. I ended up coming up with smaller side projects to start learning the ropes, but those also grew into monstrous endeavors, and I realized I could never finish at this pace. The problem is that drawing takes a really long time. I can’t afford to do this full time; I’m not confident enough to invest in this as a career. This means school and work need to be my priorities right now. But even so, I really want to complete the story.

Then I discovered a much faster programming platform to turn my graphic novel script into a text-based choose your own adventure game, and I decided : this is it. This way is realistic. This can be done. There’s a light at the end of this Fainting Spells tunnel!

I realized something the other day : I started Fainting Spells in 2005. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could get a proper ending for its 10 year anniversary? : o

  • Savail

    Whether it ends officially or not, it still lives on as a very memorable and enjoyable part of my high school and college years!

    • http://art.biev.net Biev

      You are seriously the sweetest person alive <3

  • Lauren Teusch

    This comic was huge for me in high school, I’m glad it’s still around in one form or anothe!

    • http://art.biev.net Biev

      Thank you so much. I’m so happy I was able to touch people’s lives in some way! <3

  • Lauren Teusch

    I just want to buy it. In any form possible.

    • http://art.biev.net Biev

      Omg you are the absolute sweetest. I’ve been working on it a little bit every day, I should really post more progress updates here.