Fun with crayons

Fun with crayons

One of my boyfriend’s favorite pastimes is saving funny quotes to reuse them later in totally random contexts.

A while back, the two of us were sitting on a terrace enjoying one of Montreal’s famous poutines, when some guy who was way too high on drugs to be walking around approached us to discuss his genius invention : un corridor de boules. As he went on an on about about how he had found his dream, I tried to imagine what it would be like to enter a hall covered in various types of ball-shaped objects.

Now, boules can refer to any type of ball, but in Quebec slang, it also means “boobs”. Judging from how adamantly he tried to convince the women next to us to help him with his project, it was pretty clear which ball-shaped objects this weirdo had in mind.

The other day, I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday. He likes to challenge me to the impossible, so he told me he would accept nothing less than a corridor de boules.

Our apartment doesn’t even have a hall, I complained to our friend JD, who promptly offered his own. So this is the first of many, many drawings of boobs and other ball-shaped things which will go up in JD’s hall for my love’s 31st birthday. Wish me luck!