I’ve been working on this design for my next silk screening project.

What am I going to do with it? …It’s a secret ; )

This is pretty much the only thing I’ll have time to work on this month. My schedule is super packed until at least mid-April, but from then on I should be able to free 1 day per week to work on this site and the store; maybe more, depending on sales. More on that later : )

  • Pegleg_pete01

    Ahhh! Toooo cute!

    • Biev

      Thanks! Glad to see you’re still around : D

  • Hamelinginette

    C’est très joli. Je te souhaite du temps et de l’inspiration pour continuer, sans soucis.

    • Biev

      Aw t’es gentille, merci! Je l’espère aussi : )