Calculus I

My specialty is making you strain your eyes, muahaha! These are bits of my Calculus notes. Let’s see how many silly drawings and/or formulas you can identify : P

I was going to make another entry with all my Chemistry doodles, but apparently my notes already left with the recycling. Oops!

I tend to doodle a lot during class. It can be awkward sometimes, especially since I always sit in the front (I have terrible eyesight). Doing 5 hours of calculus every Saturday morning was pure torture, but my teacher was nice. Every now and then someone would ask what something on the board meant, and my teacher would would say: “This is the formula for [whatever].” Then she would cock her head and go: “Do you LIKE this formula?” Then the students just freeze up. I always thought it was so funny. So here’s what happened when she first caught me drawing in class:

Teacher: Did you do the problem?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: And what are these?
Me: Squirrels.
Teacher: …
Me: Do you like these squirrels?
Teacher: Yes. Why not.

After that whenever she looked at my notes and saw doodles in there, she went “Yes. Very nice!” XD

  • Savail

    I LIKE this post.

    [yes, I’m late here, shh]

    • Biev

      Omg, you’re still around! I need to celebrate this. Shit, I just had a look at my schedule and it’s so full… but March 10! March 10 I’m updating just for you!

      • Biev

        Guh. Totally meant MARCH 11. March 10 was my silkscreening class : P Update coming tonight!

      • Savail

        Yup, I’m still around. I just have a magic knack for always being late to the party.

        [Also, I finally replaced my desktop, and some of my bookmarks didn’t sync over properly with Opera].