August Shmaugust

I don’t have much time to draw this month : S I’m trying to put in as many hours of work as I can before I leave for vacation, and then I get back and school starts. I have a super long to-do list to take care of before this happens. I also haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in forever. Anyway, here’s the plan…

August 12: Finish artwork for Set — Done

Week of August 15: I’m on vacation! I’m buying a new sketchbook for the occasion. I also want to draw a little something for my friend Steph whose birthday was yesterday. She has an art blog too, go see it. — I got started on a very rough sketch for Steph. This one is definitely gonna be a challenge. I’m not used to this type of drawing at all!

August 23: Finish a few articles of clothing and launch store. — I ended up having to work, so this will have to wait a bit. Sorry Erin!

August 30 28: Continue animation. — Made good progress on this one! All the bits and pieces are drawn, now I need to assemble. I haven’t figured that part out yet… >_<