The Plan

June has been ridiculously busy. I received a lot of surprise orders, mostly for advertising posters and leaflets. Though it counts as graphic work, I prefer not to post them here – this place is reserved for the artsy stuff I actually enjoy doing. Unfortunately I don’t receive enough art requests to give up the advertising business just yet.

There won’t be any updates this week, because I’m getting ready to move, as you can tell from the picture. It will probably be another week before I’m settled in, with a functional office. July should be quite productive, though. Here is the lineup:

July 5: Finish artwork for Tink — Done.

July 8: Artwork for Set — Done.

July 19: Work on website — Got started. There’s still a lot to take care of.

July 22, 23, 24: T-shirts — In progress.

July 26: Short comic — In progress. I’ve decided to change this one to an animation, so it will take me a while. I don’t know much about animating things, so I’m drawing it keyframe by keyframe.

July 29: Work on e-store — All set up! Now to upload content…

That’s the plan! So stick around, there will be stuff to see.

~ Biev